Selasa, 16 November 2010

Generic Syntax Highlighter

Sobat sudah tauk dong dengan yang namanya syntax highlighter? Ya penulisan huruf kode dengan warna-warni yang cantik. Mungkin bisa coba dengan tools online satu ini. Generic syntax highlighter online...seperti ini contoh hasilnya sob

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Source CodeInput via a text field:

OR via file upload:

OR a URL online:
Choose a language
Line Numbers
Show line numbers beside your code
Wrap overflowing text
If you turn this option on, lines will be wrapped when they reach the width of the screen.
Tab width (in spaces)
Tabs in your input will be turned into this many spaces (maximum of 20)
Store Your File
If you choose this option, your source will be stored in the database so you do not have to upload it again to re-highlight it.2
Highlight inbuilt keywords, data types etc
If this option is chosen, keywords, inbuilt functions and data types etc. will be highlighted. Disable this for more speed, but less highlighting.
Strict Mode
Strict Mode means that if your language is a scripting language (such as PHP), then highlighting will only be done on the code between appropriate code delimiters (eg <?php, ?>)
Output Styles
AspectColourBoldItalicCase Sensitive
Default Colour
All the text not to be highlighted
if, while, do etc
Keywords II
null, void, true, false etc
Inbuilt Functions/Classes
Functions/classes predefined by your language: System, rand()etc
Data Types
Keywords that signal a data type:int, double, booleanetc
Comments in your language
Escaped Characters
Escaped characters in your language:\n, \t, \\ etc
Brackets:(, ), [, ], {, }/span>
Strings: "hello!", 'hello, world!'
Literal numbers, including decimal numbers and powers (1, -1.2e6)
Methods and Data Fields
Methods and data fields for class languages
Configuration Complete


  1. Maximum file upload size is 2 megabytes
  2. Your source will be stored for 7 days, then deleted. I don't look at or use any source uploaded, but if you want to be paranoid that's your tough luck ;)
  3. Selecting "Language Default" results in the default colour for a language being chosen. Good for natural looking highlighting, but no doubt you want to play anyway ;)
  4. Yes, comments can be case sensitive. In particular, in basic the word "REM" is a comment, and also comments are used to highlight metacommands/import statements in languages such as Java

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